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Non-Fiction 02 - NETWORK

  • Non-Fiction 02 - NETWORK

Non-Fiction is a journal from Open City Documentary Festival. The publication aims to create a space for considered, critical and creative writing on non-fiction, featuring contributions offered in response to moving image, audio or cross-media, both contemporary and historical.

This second issue collects twelve contributions on the theme of NETWORK.

The contributors in this issue are Jonathan Ali, Sian Bradley, Ayanna Dozier, Luna Hupperetz, Orsod Malik, Minh Nguyen, Minou Norouzi , c.f. prior, Julian Ross, Jessica Dunn Rovinelli, Shireen Seno, Rhea Storr, and Becca Voelcker.,.

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The publication is 96 pages, full colour and perfect bound, with design by Passport.

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